We are Wolfs!

We solve problems.

Who we are

We are Wolfs! The company driven by a duet of professional lobbyists with long-term experience in public and private sectors, who solve extraordinary issues. 

Our team has unique skills in public affairs, public policy, digital, consulting, strategy, and PR.  We are both experienced in working with the EU and Polish authorities in federal and local government. Among our business partners are mostly companies offering sensitive products and services, including those subject to  excise tax. We are based in Warsaw, Poland and we operate worldwide. 

We are Wolfs. Focused and persistent sophists.
We work as a qualified team to help our clients accomplish their goals.

“It is possible to soften what is hard, to widen what is narrow,
and burdens will press less heavily upon those who bear them skillfully”

Lucius Annaeus Seneca
  • Digital PA

Our unique expertise across numerous industries helps clients tackle their policy battles. If your business objectives require advocacy or regulatory support, we can  assist with a detailed roadmap on how to get where you need. Our wide network can help you to achieve your goals.

We are  the wizards of digital public affairs – one of the most direct and precise ways to influence decision-makers through stakeholders and public opinion. Our tools, supported by AI and machine learning, give you new  communication opportunities. We have an extensive portfolio in this area – both in Poland and other EU countries.

The quality of the greatest managers is they are not afraid to ask for advice. The advantage of Wolfs is we listen more than we  speak. If you’re facing a complex problem  – or just need to ensure your decision is the right one – we will tackle the case and suggest a range of available options, braced with business intelligence and digital tools.

Whether it’s about reputation, business goals, or standing  up to the competitors, having a well-defined strategy is absolutely crucial to achieving success. Our background gives you access to well-grounded knowledge and tools to create a tailored  roadmap.  We will help you  build a coalition with powerful strategic partners – to not only  achieve, but exceed your objectives.

Sometimes we have to face a tough moment. This is when a reliable partner with wide market and policy knowledge can help  to make the right decision. Our data-driven support gives an unique opportunity to use the right tools for unexpected issues. We specialize in solving crises using advanced and effective digital solutions, rebuilding your image on the Internet and in traditional media.

What we stand for

Efficiency and high performance: these are main drivers of our work. We are not here to win prestigious awards or shine in the spotlight.
Only when you announce success, we claim the job as done.

We are Wolfs. We solve problems.